Copyright Specialists

Copyright is a law that gives fundamental legal rights over the things created by us. Copyright is legally protects the use of the work once has been physically expressed. It is like painting, a photograph, a novel, a poem or anything generated it, own it and it’s the copyright law itself that assures that ownership. The  Copyright specialists  are who advises on the application of copyright law and develop strategies, policies, process, Communications, services, infrastructure, instructions, and relationship that supports and protects legally. 
About copyright specialists and their responsibilities:
Copyright Specialists
Experienced copyright specialists are with through knowledge and skills in copyright practices and applying procedures such as:
  • Massive experience in interpreting, applying departmental policies and legal procedures 
  • Principles of office management and supervision 
  • Own good command of English language 
  • Execute clerical work and has mastered planning 
  • Well experienced in operating manual and automated office equipment including software and related to computers 
  • Copyrighters has the ability to demonstrate and maintain relationship successful service 
  • Copyright specialists are capable of composing correspondence and edit reports 
Responsibility of copyrighters:
  • When necessary interrelate copyright clearance Supports 
  • Develop and update CEL policies and procedures related to the copyright 
  • Supervise copyright compliance when copyright clearance is unnecessary 
  • Secure copyright clearance, manage  administrator and clerical details related to the process 
  • Reviewed documents for compliance with copyright laws 
  • Obtained copyright permission from publishers
  • Regarding copyright procedures copyrighters has a responsibility to provide guidance and direction 
  • Copyright need to maintain automated and manual records and files 
  • A copyright specialist coordinate the completion of jobs throughout the production process and also recommend appropriate techniques to increase quality.
Even copyright is a form of protection given to the author or creators of original work of authorship including music, drama, literary, artistic and other intellectual works. The ownership copyright law grants comes with several rights that as an owner have exclusively. Those rights include –
  • The Rights to replicate the work
  • To  produce imitative works 
  • To make and distribute copies 
  • To display the work publicly 
  • To make artwork or stills from audio-visual works.

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