Counselling Family Personal Partner and Marriage

Marriage counseling or marital therapy is the process of counseling the parties involved in an effort to recognize, to reconcile better, to troublesome the differences and repeating patterns of stress. Counseling is done for any relationship which is involved between the members of a family, a couple, employers in a workplace or between a client and a professional. Relationship therapy or couples therapy is another form of counseling which is a subset of relationship therapy. Couples therapy and marital therapy are the two forms of relationship counseling. The different forms of counseling differ regarding its duration. Short term therapy and long term therapy are the counseling based on duration.
Relationship issues:-
Counselling Family Personal Partner and Marriage
Relationships bring great deal of happiness and fulfillment as they are meaningful part of our lives. 
Relationships are important for our survival just as food and water, and this explains the reason for our health and happiness suffering when relationships go wrong.
  • People who don’t have many social connections show signs of depression and cognitive decline.
  • Many relationship issues are there depending upon the nature of the relationship.
  • Betraying a close friend or your spouse causes a great damage to a relationship, as it destroys trust.
  • Sometimes couples decide to separate without taking into consideration the practicalities for saving the relationship.
  • When the relationship between the family members becomes strained, it causes lot of pain and disappointment.
Counseling – family personal partner & marriage provides a safe and supportive environment to communicate openly and listen to each other.
Principles of a counselor:-
A psychiatrist, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and clinical social workers are the couple therapists.
  • A relationship counselor must listen, respect, understand and facilitate better functioning between the members involved.
  • A counselor's duty is to provide a confidential dialogue which normalizes the feelings.
  • They should also enable each person to be heard and hear themselves.
  • The couple therapists in any relationship should create new and positive bonding emotional events.
  • It’s the counselor duty to encourage the participants to give their best efforts in reorienting the relationship with each other.
Besides the counselor effort, it’s the duty for each person involved in counseling to change their responses to their partner's behavior.

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