A message, any packages or mails which are delivered through a person is referred to as courier. In ancient times, messages used to be delivered through runners, riders on horseback and homing pigeons. In the middle ages, own messengers used to be maintained by the royal courts. In today's world mechanized courier services are offered by the courier companies. Bicycle couriers or motorcycle couriers are often there in cities. But for some consignments, lorries, aircraft, railways, are required for delivering over greater distance. Some individuals travel anywhere in the world at a moment's notice via commercial airlines, these are called on board couriers. 
Duties & functions of a courier service:-
  • Couriers are distinguished from other mail services by speed, tracking, security, swift delivery times, and specialization and individualization of express services.
  • Compared to standard mail services, these couriers are usually more expensive.
  • Within specific towns or cities, to regional, national as well as global services, these courier services operate on all scales.
  • They offer parcel delivery services the next day, same day delivery or premium delivery.
  • Courier services offer many benefits like safe delivery of parcels, parcel tracking, packaging, and reasonable rates.
  • These courier services also offer perks and other discounts to their customers.
  • Some courier companies offer parcel tracking services through which you can track your parcel through your home or office.
Need to use a courier service:-
Courier companies offer many benefits like:-
  • They solve last minute delivery needs by picking up and delivering your shipment the same day.
  • When the consignment is heavy or bulky, these companies can save individuals and businesses money.
  • At reasonable prices, these courier companies provide customized delivery services.
  • When standard shipping companies don’t deliver, these courier companies can pick up and deliver any time throughout the year.
  • Courier companies provide specialized services like legal process serving, white glove delivery and last flight out which shipping providers don’t offer.
  • Courier companies are found almost anywhere throughout the world, from small towns to large urban areas.
  • They also provide drivers and vehicles to customers when needed for deliveries.
Couriers have become more and more prevalent and the services which they provide are vital, offering to number of different sectors.

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