Crane and Travel Tower Hire Or Servicing

A crane mounted on wheels especially an overhead crane consists of a crab hoisting, luffing, and slewing  equipment traveling on rails or beam fixed overhead as in a machine. Crane and travel tower hire or servicing widely used in construction of tall building. Travel tower has an ability to travel between work sites reducing downtime and transport cost associated with elevated work platforms.
Benefits of travel tower hiring –
Crane and Travel Tower Hire Or Servicing
  • Generally in constructing a tall structure the purpose of using tower cranes to lift the heavy weights and work done speedily so crane hire is important.
  • Hiring a tower crane is one of the major advantage and versatility that gives to the business.
  • It is not reasonable option in a construction project to purchase a crane as they are expensive machines.
  • The best way is to travel tower hire as this is under cost budget with minimal expense on transporting the crane to the site.
  • Many rental companies provide professional service as tower crane is must for all projects and it transports the crane to the site location.
  • The construction site is a spontaneous various machinery and raw materials are needed by the crane servicing all work done smoothly without any delay.
  • Travel tower servicing is the major cost saver in terms of equipment and they offer skilled labor to operate these machines.
  • Tower cranes are familiar and are generally assembled and erected on the site with a horizontally or luffing jib.
  • Tower cranes operators are experienced lifting operations done from the cab, even a banksman is required at ground level.
  • Crane tower can be easily dismantled in sections after the work is completed.
Features of tower crane and different forms:
  • Self supporting static
  • Traveling or rail mounted 
  • Climbing.
Common features –
  • Stay rods and support frames
  • Cab on the top of the crane tower
  • Lattice sectionalized tower
  • Ladder attached with in the tower 
  • Rotation of the jib slewing ring is featured 
  • Trolley and hoist block For moving  length of the jib
  • At precast concrete counter Weight blocks jib is fitted.

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