Disadvantaged Groups and Aid Organisations

The disadvantaged groups and organization is the people who lose the ability to work or survive independently and needs the support of the Government or other sources to thrive. Lacking the necessary income for living, losing or not having the ability of working, are the people who falls under this category. In China, it also includes the class of people who are affected by the unfair distribution of Wealth. These people need external support from the society or from the Government in their material life for their healthy and natural living. They are provided with the basic amenities required to sustain their living.
Things one must be aware about disadvantaged groups and organization:
Disadvantaged Groups and Aid Organisations
  • The disadvantaged groups can be divided into three class- socially disadvantaged ones are unemployed, poor single parents, students from poor family background etc. Physiologically disadvantaged are people who are of old age and even naturally disadvantaged includes people who live in out of the way geographical areas, harsh conditions etc.
  • There are many social security systems that have been developed in order to cater to the members of the disadvantaged section.
  • These support organizations offer place to live, clothes to wear and appropriate work for their living.
  • These groups also help those people who get injured while working. They have a separate law to make their lives better and these groups see to it that the companies adhere to these laws and there is no injustice that happens.
Advantages of having disadvantaged groups and organization:
  • These groups’ help people get their fundamental rights as a citizen of the country like right to live and labor. They also help those people to acquire those rights in case they are denied for what so reason. 
  • These groups endeavor to bring equality in the society as a result of social development.
  • Members of this group are provided relief and protection from the manifestation of modern civilization.
  • The major work of the organization is to see to into the matters that the laws which are made to protect this class are being implemented and these people are getting their rightful needs.

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