Discount Shops

A retail establishment which sells products at very cheap rates or at a much lesser value than the market value is known as the discount shops. They are mass merchandiser who offers a wide range of assortments which focuses mainly on the price rather than the display, service or wide choices like in a specialty store or variety store which focuses more on attracting people to sell branded products. These stores buy products in bulk which enables them to purchase at wholesale rate. These businesses follow low profit margin strategy to pull or attract price conscious customers to their stores.
Things customers should be aware of about a discount store:
Discount Shops
  • Inflation greatly affects these discount stores as suppliers raise the prices of the product. As most of the discount stores are governed by the states, the owners plan to drop certain lines if they become too expensive.
  • In order to sell low priced goods, these stores may involve in many illegal practices or compromise on the quality of the goods. So, be sure that in order to pay less, you aren’t harming your family’s health.
  • A discount store will have increased footfall. Hence, the manager must be prepared to have a well packed staff in order to handle the crowd.
  • The store layout makes shopping easier as they try to provide services similar to that of a specialty store. 
  • Shoppers are recommended to check the label on the product as to know if they are purchasing products of a good quality or not. 
Advantages of a discount shop:
  • These stores have a reputation for value and are known for top class service.
  • Many businesses have daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly goals to fulfill. Placing those products in discount stores will help the business to meet its set target easily.
  • Discount shops have high turnarounds which mean that a product is not kept on the shelf for long. So the customers get fresh products.
  • Discount shop increase the overall sale of the entire store as people come with a view to buy a few items and take back extra few items lured by cheap rates.

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