Diving Commercial Services

Commercial diving is a term used to define underwater industrial construction. Commercial diving service is a technique of placing and supporting a worker underwater in a safe and efficient manner. Commercial diving involves a team of people who are mutually responsible for each other while performing work or tasks. Commercial diving is potentially a hazardous occupation. Diving – commercial services training is a career challenging and the demand for qualified commercial divers are intense and the lifestyle that the commercial divers deliver is exciting. The inherent risks associated with commercial diving can be greatly reduced by the equipment, skill, technique and professional attitude of the company and the diving team.
About commercial diver:
Diving Commercial Services
A commercial diver is the most common type of professional diver who works for pay. Commercial divers are extremely skilled professionals. They often work in dangerous situations and required the proper training and certification necessary to meet regulations of the local authority.
Types of commercial divers:
  • Offshore divers – the most common commercial diver who works in the oil and gas industry.
  • Inland divers – works on inland projects. Working on land based civil engineering operations which are done in lakes, harbors, rivers and dams.
  • Hazmat and nuclear divers – are considered as highly skilled and experienced divers who usually work under dangerous conditions.
  • Scientific divers – study scientific data found underwater. They work in both offshore and inland.
  • Media divers – works in underwater filming and photography. They are trained camera operators who works mostly to cover projects meant for television documentaries and movies.
  • Military divers – also known as naval divers and does military operations underwater.
  • Police divers – assists in police investigation where a diver is needed to cover something underwater.
Services offered by the commercial diving service:
  • Tug and barge inspection, maintenance and salvage, removes wire and line from running gear.
  • Video inspection services with color and audio.
  • Power plant services.
  • Water treatment plant and wastewater plant maintenance.
  • Commercial diving services offers dam, bridge and transportation terminal inspection, repair and maintenance.
  • Side scan sonar and recovery.
  • Cutting and welding services.

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