Drainage Products and Equipment

The drainage system by which water or waste liquids, sewage flowing away in drainage, and act or a process something that is drained off. Drainage products and equipment suitable for water evacuation systems. The most economical and efficient way of performing capacity calculations for linear drainage systems and design work. The high strength of heavy duty channel system is based on many features like reinforcing ribs increase sidewall strength with perfect stability in the concrete surround.
Features and Uses of drainage products and equipment:
Stainless steel drainage products:
Drainage Products and Equipment
  • Most of the companies initiate the concept of the concrete channel drain and galvanized steel frame combination. 
  • Drainage products are manufactured in a large number of steel galvanized gratings for councils, government departments, domestic and industrial areas, and specialized heel guards non slip grates for pedestrian traffic.
  • It includes other specialized concrete products like distribution sumps with integral cast in exhilarate angle framing to house a grate or cover.
  • These sumps have generous marvel options and are made in several of sizes and quality with strength and reliability.
  • Stainless steel grates clean out covers prevents dishing, corrosion and discoloration.
  • All drainage equipment grates are adjustable and made of ductile iron with a greater load bearing.
  • Lavatory and closet carries features and designed to save installation time and handling cost.
  • Concrete pipe and corrugated steel pipe are soil tight and watertight joints.
Storm water drainage products:
  • Polyethylene pipe for storm water drainage because it is light weight and toughness of polyethylene with stands abrasive flows, corrosion, safety with chemical attack and even the most aggressive sewer cleaning tools.
  • Storm water management is analytical components to ensure the long term viability of public and private Economic investment.
  • Reinforced concrete pipe and steel pipe offers superior hydraulics combined with corrosion and abrasion resistance to provide a strong durable choice for stormwater management.
Wide range of drainage products includes -
  • Stainless steel channels and floor drains
  • Storage drain linear drainage channels in polyester concrete
  • Covers and gratings in cost iron, aluminum and steel
  • Chambers in MDPE, PVC and HDPE
  • Concrete drainage channels 
  • Trench grates and frames
  • Sump frames, grates and emitters 
  • French and trench drains 
  • Storm water Chambers 
  • Drainage fittings equipment’s  etc.

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