Dredging Contractors and Equipment Manufacturers

Dredging is the act of removing silt and other material by using various machines equipped with scooping or suction devices. Dredging is used to removal of sediment and debris and in underwater mining from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies. Usually focused dredging on maintaining or depth of navigation channels, Anchorages or berthing areas.  To ensure the safe passage of boats and ships and Dredging plays a vital role in the Nation’s economy.
Dredging contractors and equipment manufacturers designed and engineered inspected and tested dredging facilities. Some of the dredge components by the dredging contractors such as –
Dredging Contractors and Equipment Manufacturers
  • Cutter suction dredger
  • Dredge pumps and valves
  • Trailing suction hopper dredger
  • Cutter heads and dredge ball point
  • Dredge bow coupling
  • Dredge pipe pieces and turning gland
  • Dredge suction mouth
  • Dredge swivel bend and swivel elbow 
Services provided by the dredging contractors and equipment manufacturers:
  • It is used by engineered for multi purpose to complete the requirements of the customers in different dredging and mining environment.
  • Dredging and mining contractors in the implementation, use, purchase, bidding and tendering of dredge and mining equipment.
  • Dredging equipment manufacturers provide total solutions also delivers electronic equipment’s.
  • For dredging process equipment’s such as booster station, dredging pipelines instrumentation and support vessels.
  • Dredge includes various options which is used like a production meter, a submersible dredge pump, a spud carrier and anchor booms.
  • The dredge are designed to excavate and transport a various types of soil materials such as clay, fine and medium sand, coarse sand and gravel.
  • Dredge yard cutter heads are designed and manufactured harsh environments of dredging and mining.
  • Dredge cutter head are designed and able to cut of different type of material like slurry, sand, gravel, rocks, minerals, and compacted sand.
Some of the Benefits of dredging:
  • River is environmentally restored and prevent further degradation.
  • Dredging or cleaning of the river will improve the ability of river by enhancing river walks, green ways and parks for citizens and tourists.

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