Dress Fabrics and Materials

The most common use of fabric is for clothes, and a complex underlying structure. A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving or getting fibers. Dress fabrics and materials is a cloth fabricate by weaving cotton, wool, silk, nylons, or other threads together.  Choosing fabric for clothes is the most important step in sewing a garment. Types of fabrics the pattern was designed in terms of weight, stretch and drapes because that complement the design of the pattern.
Some General types of fabrics used in garment sewing such as –
Dress Fabrics and Materials
  • Linen – the fabric is medium weight with little elasticity. 
  • Satin – the fabric has a glossy appearance and vary from light weight to heavy, depending on the type of satin.
  • Cotton – the fabric is a lightweight, great drape with a semi sheer.
  • Denim – the fabric is a heavy weight fabric with little stretching.
  • Silk – the fabric is delicate, lightweight that drapes well. It also makes a great lining fabric with a slightly shimmering look.
  • Wool – the fabric is extremely hard wearing and versatile and good choice for warming. There are 200 different types of wool so the weight vary depending on the type of wool.
  • Knit – the fabric is great for any garments, designed for either woven fabric or knit fabric, often specify the degree of stretch needed in the fabric.
Different purposes of fabrics and materials:
  • Clothing made by two pieces with the same pattern but of different fabrics look very disparate.
  • Choose the material according to what the garment look like and remember all materials are not suitable for all styles.
  • The piece of a garment that needs to be washed or ironed often, it is logical to go for a fabric that prevent the garment finally from shrinking.
  • Maintenance of a garment is necessary, generally thick and stiff fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool are easy to sew.
  • All garments should be made as last long as possible, so it is probably to choose good quality materials.
  • If the garment needs to be warm, then prefer thicker and tighter materials and if the garments needs to be durability then choose a fabric that is hard wearing.

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