A person whose occupation is the making and alteration of clothes especially of women as a job is generally known as dressmaker. The dressmakers may work as seamstresses or pattern makers for design shops or companies. Some dressmakers operate their own businesses and creates clothes for clients. Dressmakers does not need a formal education. The professional dressmakers must have the creativity and skill to make garments which women wants to wear. The speciality area of the dressmakers are focused on making gowns such as custom gowns, formal gowns, etc. Some dressmaker may specialize in a type of clothing such as wedding dresses or work with a designer to create clothing from designs. 
Some of the duties of the dressmakers include as follows:
  • The duties of a dressmaker involves sketching the dress designs, to make patterns, cutting the fabric pieces and sewing them together.
  • Dressmakers measure the customers to get measurement for their garments.
  • Once the dressmaker has the measurements of the customer, the process of cutting fabric and sewing begins.
  • Dressmakers schedule a fitting for customers to try on the clothing and make notes on alterations.
  • Dressmakers also help clients in choosing the type and color of the fabric which will work with the design while taking into consideration about the budget of the clients.
  • Dressmakers also educates their clients on the proper care of their garment and teach the client about the correct way of washing, ironing and storing of the garment.
  • The dressmakers performs simple alterations such as from adjusting hemlines to repairing a split seam on any garment.
Some of the skills required for a dressmaker include:
  • The dressmakers must have good hand and eye coordination, dexterity and a strong attention for details.
  • The position of a dressmaker requires good verbal communication skills to deal with the customers during the process of dressmaking.
  • Dressmakers also need strong customer service skills to provide the customers with their quality service.
  • The dressmakers who generally maintain their own business require to have leadership, business and management skills.
  • A dressmaker also focuses on performance wear which may include costumes for private use, theater and dance.

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