Drug and Alcohol Education and Counselling

Drug education requires attention, effort and part of the university to promote healthy living and learning. Drug and alcohol education and counselling have a most important role in promoting an environment beneficial to educate and that actively discourages drug and alcohol abuse. Alcohol education commit to prevention, developmental student conduct, and effective intervention for everyone at risk for these behaviors. Licensed drug and alcohol counselling are professionally trained to assist people in overcoming substance abuse problems.
About drug and alcohol education:
Drug and Alcohol Education and Counselling
  • The drug free schools and campuses regulations act required an institution of higher education to certify and for that it has adopted an implemented programs.
  • Alcohol education is an integral part of wide range and prevention measures.
  • The aim of alcohol education is to raise awareness and share knowledge and skills about their drinking.
  • The drug free schools conducts programs to prevent the abuse of alcohol and use of the distribution of illicit drugs both by students and employees.
  • Children need to be educated about alcohol and other drugs in order to make safe decisions both on campus and as part of any institutional activities.
  • The best solution to the drug problem is education and provides practical tools to educate about substance abuse.
  • Educators give youth solid facts which leads them to choose drug free lives all on their own.
  • The best solution before experimenting with drugs tweens, teens and adults know the facts about drugs drug education are much less likely to start using them.
Drug and alcohol counselling:
  • Addiction refers to a difficulty in controlling certain repetitive behaviors for that treatment is required.
  • Addiction treatment such as counselling is crucial for help sufferers to recognize their condition and their emotional needs are affecting their behavior.
  • Drug counselling help in the treatment and recovery of substance abusers and drug abuse counselors are required some sort of certification.
  • Drug abuse treatment is different for each patient and include a combination of several types of therapy.
Some of the more popular therapy types includes – 
  • Family therapy 
  • Contingency management 
  • Motivational interviewing 
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

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