Drum Manufacturers Reconditioners and Traders

Drum or containers are an important part every industry, farm, and in residence. Drum are used to store water, petrol or other liquid fuel, chemicals and for many uses. Drum manufacturers produce various range of drums constructed of either steel or plastic, in a variety of sizes. Drum traders manufactured drums with a thickness layout that suits different types of products. Such as solid and liquid, types of storing hot and cold, and stack ability conical and cylindrical etc.
About drum manufacturer’s reconditioners and uses:
Drum Manufacturers Reconditioners and Traders
  • Environmental awareness and reasons of costs it is common practice for both steel and plastic drums to be reused.
  • Drums are mostly cone in both open or removable head and closed head types, depending upon size of the drum.
  • Drum manufacturers reconditioners and traders use a numerous steps such as collecting, cleaning and reconditioning as well as decanting and disposal services for reuse.
  • Drum reconditioners provides cost effective and complementary alternatives, quality assured for new packaging.
  • Recycling, reconditioning and reusing drums is an important part of being environmental responsibility.
  • There are two environmental correct uses for used drums such as recycling for raw steel and reconditioning and reuse.
  • Drum manufacturers produce right product quality and use major raw materials from leading domestic as well reputed suppliers of steel, fittings, paints and lacquers.
Reconditioning services:
  • For reconditioning programs all containers go through inspection, cleaning, restoring, tracking, and decontamination, assembly, finishing and testing.
  • Both closed head drum and open head drums are used for reconditioning services.
  • For reconditioning drums automated washing process with thermal oxidation treatment from any hazardous chemicals. 
  • The steel drums are shot blasted to clean the residues and repaint with minimum thickness of high quality formulated quick drying paint.
  • Remake drums which combines the economy of a reconditioned drum aiming to meet the standard and which are hydraulically reformed resulting as good as new drum.
  • Empty containers are disassembled and processed in an approved drum reclamation furnace.
  • The solution of the reconditioning and recycling of the drums, in multiple times used packaging provides uncountable benefits and preventing environmental pollution.

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