Dry Cleaning Services

The term dry cleaning refers to cleaning clothes and fabrics with the help of a chemical solvent. The cleaning is done with the liquid but the solvent contains no water and dies not penetrate the Faber’s. Generally the dry cleaning services are typically used on clothes and fabrics which cannot withstand the rigors of a standard home washer and dryer. 
Dry cleaning services:
There are several steps for each item which are cleaned by the process of commercial dry cleaning services such as –
Dry Cleaning Services
Garment inspection:
  • Before Cleaning each garments are inspected for the items left in pockets, tears and missing buttons.
  • These garments are returned to the customers and before Cleaning the problems are noted as issues.
Garment tagging:
  • Every garments is tagged with an identification number prior to cleaning.
  • Some dry cleaners uses paper tag which are stapled or pinned to the garments.
  • Other dry cleaners uses an iron-on a strip with a permanent bar code to the regular customers.
Stain pre-treatment:
  • The dry cleaners checks for stains on the clothes and treats them prior as a part of inspection process.
  • Dry cleaners also removes delicate buttons and trims the garment to prevent damage.
  • Dry cleaners offers alternations as one of the service in addition to the dry cleaning of the clothes.
Machine dry cleaning:
Solid clothes are loaded into a large drum machines and are cleaned with a water free chemical solvent.
After Then solvent is drained and recycled then clothes are again rinsed I n a fresh solvent to flush away the remaining stains.
Post spotting:
  • The process of dry cleaning service works well in removing oil based stains with a help of a chemical solvent.
  • However other types of stains are not always remove effectively so all garments are post spotted to look for the stains.
  • The stains are treated with steam, water or even with a vacuum to remove the remaining traces.
  • The final step of dry cleaning includes the treatments ready to wear or use by steaming and pressing out wrinkles, reattaching buttons or making repairs.
  • Finally the garments are hung and folded to return to their customers.

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