Dyes Dyestuff and Supplies

Dyeing is a substance that can be used as a dye or from which a dye can be obtained. A dyestuff is usually soluble substance staining or coloring and a material yielding or used as a dye. Dyes dye stuff and supplies liquid organic dyes and pigments and powder dyes for textile and industrial applications. The manufacturers are specialized in various acid dyes and allied dyestuffs of superior quality. The manufacturer and dyestuff suppliers supplied dyestuff using natural dyes from crushed fruits, berries and other plants.
Various types of dyes:
  • Metalized dyes
  • Acid dyes
  • Natural dyes
  • Pigment dyes
  • Vat dyes 
  • Solvent dyes
  • Disperse dyes
  • Reactive dyes etc.
Dyes Dyestuff and Supplies
Some of dyestuff supplied and their uses such as- 
  • The suppliers of reactive dyes are extensively used in pigmentation and printing and also used in various textile fabrics.
  • The suppliers of wide collection of food colors and the colors are made from finest ingredients.
  • The manufacturer and supplier of a wide spectrum of dye intermediates and these are utilized in the process of a large array of dyes and fine chemicals.
  • Pigment powder are supplied and for its superior quality it is used in cosmetics, lime colors, paints, pop plastic, rubber inks as well as dry Colors.
  • Pigment emulsion dyes suppliers and this product is extremely utilized in rubber and textile industries. 
  • Acid dyes are mainly supplied and used in textile industry for dyeing and printing applied silk yarn, nylon, wool, and other fabric.
  • A wide variance of environmental conditions and geological disturbance it is easy to find because of dyestuff suppliers.
  • Polymeric non-staining dyes are specialty dyes supplied for use in detergent applications for the carwash and household, and institutional industries. 
  • These kind of dyes have high stability properties which are required in many specific soap and detergent formulations.
Organic dyes and pigments supplies and uses:
  • These dyes are supplied to the industrial customers where color is an important feature of a manufacturing product. 
  • Organic and pigments is a major colorant supplier to the floral, dried flowers, fertilizer & seed, mulch, ice-melt and driving, water tracing and leak detection industries.

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