Earth Moving and Excavating Contractors

Excavation contractors are business owners and are generally considered as subcontractors. A home owner can contact an excavation contractor for a personal job such as digging for a swimming pool. Excavating contractors usually work under the direction of general contractors. Earth moving and excavating contractor’s responsibilities include site preparation, grading, trenching and many other soil related tasks. 
Works offered by the contractors: 
Earth moving and excavating contractors perform a wide variety of tasks which includes:
Earth Moving and Excavating Contractors
  • Working on both new and existing roads.
  • Replacing wetlands by creating or restoring other wetlands.
  • Excavating contractors also prepare work sites for both residential and commercial constructions.
  • Excavating & earth moving contractors may also be called upon to install underground utilities such as pipes.
  • Earth moving contractors operates heavy equipment such as bulldozers and backhoes.
Services provided by the contractors:
  • Site clearing of trees and bushes 
  • Compacting controlled fill areas
  • Creating storm water management facilities, regenerative storm water conveyance systems and coastal plain outfalls
  • Contractors provided fine grading services for building, roads and other uses
  • Removes snow for commercial and government property management as well as for state highways.
Types of excavation techniques:
There are a lot of excavation techniques used by the contractors for construction. Excavation techniques are used to dig holes before starting a construction. The hole can be used for drainage purposes or to plainly renew the soil content. Every type of excavation techniques used by the earthmovers has its own purpose of usage. Different excavation techniques used for construction by the earthmoving and excavating contractors are:
  • Horizontal excavation – this technique is used in shallow sites. This type of excavation is done horizontally because the danger of structural damages are avoided.
  • Hybrid excavation – this technique of excavation is done only when the area or site needs a quite deep excavation.
  • Cofferdams – is the useful excavation techniques which contractors employ for waterlogged areas and also use when the excavated site may have the possibility of collapsing.
  • Step trenching – this method used by the earthmoving and excavating contractors involves deep excavation.

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