Endodontist is a dentist who has specialization in dentistry through the endodontic therapies and procedures. These procedures are applied for maintaining the teeth and oral health. The endodontic therapy is a branch of dentistry that involves the study of its root problem, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental diseases. In this therapy, the damaged nerve and tissues of the pulp cavity are removed and replaced with filling or pulp canal and root canal therapy. Endodontic treatment is needed when the pulp and the inner side of the root canal is inflamed or infected. Infection is caused by tooth decay or any dental injury.


Services provided by the endodontists:

  • The most common treatment done by the endodontists are Root canal treatment. It is done when there is an infection in the tooth's inner pulp. The inflammation or infection can be due to intense decay, crack in the tooth, etc.
  • In the root canal therapy, endodontists make a hole in the decayed tooth and remove the pulp that is seriously infected or dead.
  • Endodontic specialists replace the dead pulp tissue with fillers that are sterile and biocompatible. It is then sealed with oral friendly paste.
  • Endodontists take patients on referral by genre dentists. They make treatments in easier way than complicating them.
  • They also perform endodontic surgeries like apicoectomies in which the tip of tooth root is removed from the infection.
  • General dentists call the endodontists to perform such endodontic surgeries and damages of pulp for the severe dental injuries.

Advantages of Consulting Endodontist:

  • Endodontists are highly experienced and do surgeries effectively.
  • They make the procedure in smooth manner and this helps in faster healing of surgical cuts.
  • They take ultimate care for oral health when surgery or treatment is done.
  • They offer good medication to relieve the dental pain.
  • They use technologically advanced tools and fiber optics to treat the patients comfortably.
  • They provide ultimate care and prevent the teeth from decay or infections.
  • Sterilized and hygienic tools are significantly used while performing surgeries by the endodontists.

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