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Engine reconditioning is defined as enhancing the performance of an engine efficiently by maintaining and extending its lifespan eventually. Engine reconditioning engineers check meticulously with their skills and expertise of knowledge. Basically the engineers clean the parts, disassemble, replace with new components like oil seals or gaskets, etc. Reconditioned engines are much better than used engines and sometimes new engines. New engines take time to adjust with the machines and parts.

Engine reconditioning services offered by the engineers are:

  • Basically the services involve engine rebuilding by replacing engine parts, resizing the rods and line boring.
  • Engine is the most important element of every vehicle and it often requires specialized equipment.
  • Engineers fit new hydraulic lifters and replace the old valve guides.
  • The cylinders used are tested to pressure to avoid any leakage through internal cracks.
  • Seals are put on the crankshaft if there is minor crack. Crank shafts are polished for proper functioning and grinded.
  • The alignment of boring and honing of bearing tunnels are significantly installed.
  • New gaskets and bolts are installed if the old one is not working
  • Bore coping of engine, gearboxes and reconditioning of con rod is tracked and checked regularly.
  • Cylinders re-boring, Con rod small end bushing replacing are some of the services to mention.

Benefits of reconditioned engines:

  • One of the main advantages of buying an engine reconditioned is the reliability and cost effective.
  • The reconditioned engines from the engineers are of good quality and come with long warranty period.
  • These engines are long lasting and can be used without any halts and hassles.
  • These engines are not second hand engines. They are reconditioned and remanufactures with series of cleaning and other processes.
  • Reconditioning engineers use high quality pistons, oil pumps, valves and other components kits.
  •  The processing of the engine components are eco friendly and doesn’t release hazardous pollutants. The core parts that are reused and replaced are recycled.
  • Engine reconditioning engineers provide diverse solutions along with component assessment. It is then inspected to ensure the excellent engineering techniques and tools are used.

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