Ex Service and Service Organisations

Considering the kind of hard work and dedication presented by servicemen all their lives. There are some aspects that really need attention and deserve arrangement after they retire from services. There is a lot that is being done to provide the care and attention ex – Servicemen deserve, without a doubt.

There are many new provisions and several extensions being introduced to the policies that would make the process all the easier. The basic aim of such Ex - Service Organisations is to:

  • Offer ample support to each of the veterans
  • Give equal importance to their families
  • Make sure of their welfare, even if they are off-duty
  • Ensure particular entitlements
  • Make sure they lead a quality life
  • Ensure precise funding
  • Make sure of providing proper care and apt benefits
Ex Service and Service Organisations

Their importance:

  • When you register yourself to such Ex - Service and Service Organisations, you gain an opportune chance to get ample benefits after you have served the nation all your life. All the eligible servicemen are offered an opportune choice to gain matchless benefits that would all make them live life comfortably, even after retirement. You mental, as well as physical health, is to take care of, making your life worth the work you have achieved for the nation, undoubtedly!
  • There are many well-qualified and well-equipped welfare officers who are appointed to ensure and assist all your issues related to health, housing, well-being and so much more.
  • Once they take the responsibility for the welfare of all the Ex-Servicemen under their region, they take complete charge of the situation, giving equal importance and attention to their dependants while maintaining the welfare funds is certainly a bigger task for them.

The role of the Government:
The government plays a major role in making sure the life of these Ex-servicemen is made all the more comfortable and hassle free. The government bears at least 75% of the total expenditure whereas the state government deals with the rest.
There are many lucrative schemes and offerings like:

  • Re-employment options
  • Self Employment support
  • Retirement Training

The medical expenses are certainly dealt, keeping their overall well-being into consideration and making sure it is given complete importance

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