Exercise Physiologist

The term, Exercise Physiology, certainly refers to the study of the impact of exercise on the human body. This is all about the impact and the changes, the body goes through and how it responds to the numerous exercises, constant changes, etc.
As each sphere and opportunities have an expert for it. Similarly, an Exercise Physiologist keeps a tab on the fitness goals for you. Chalks out the best possible pattern of exercise that would help in improving the vital stats, get healthier as well as maintain the ideal body stats like Weight, Muscle mass, BMI, Blood sugar levels, Blood Pressure etc.

Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiologist is enrolled to work with athletes, celebrities and of course with common people in designated clinics or hospitals. They help in boosting the body’s performance as well as its capacity to perform well and also stay healthy, like never before.
As they say, the guidance can take you places. A helping hand from these experts can eventually change the way your body reacts to fitness and exercise regimen. They are indeed qualified to keep an eye on all the body’s mechanism, heart rate, and other cardio activities, give a boost to the metabolism, offer the precise fitness plan that all contribute towards achieving the desired results, undoubtedly!
All that an expert and certified Exercise Physiologist performs:

  • They ensure apt stress test to evaluate the impact of exercise on individuals
  • Evaluation of a person’s overall health, focusing on the heart movements, stress, and the body’ response.
  • Chalk out the best possible exercise plans that promote strength, impact the goals, helps in achieving best results and transform the way the body looks and performs.
  • They would help in offering customized plans that would support those, looking forward to attain their robust health objectives.

There are many sports fraternities that hire Exercise Physiologists, for the overall betterment of athletes and sportsmen. This helps them reduce the number of injuries and the ideal way of dealing with the stress and the performance issues on the field, a lot better.

Fields to explore for Exercise Physiologist

There are a number of opportunities to explore at:

  • Athlete Programs
  • Wellness Camps
  • Fitness Academies
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centres

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