Today, the cattle farming is considered as an intensive animal farming because it is assimilated with several essentialities. However, at the same time, it is quite important to explore the options that are vital for cattle farming.  
One such essentiality is the utilization of feedlots or free yards which are regarded as an effective kind of animal feeding operation. It is not only used for the beef cattle, but also sheep, horses, swine, chickens, and turkeys and ducks prior to slaughtering.

  • The fundamental principle of feedlot utilization is to increase the meat amount produced by an animal as fast as possible.
  • Logically, if the animals are introduced in confined quarters instead of free grazing over grasslands, they will put on weight much faster. In a feedlot, approximately an animal is provided 200 square feet for several months.
  • In addition, a feedlot needs some kind of government permit since there is a generation of the large waste amount. Prior to feedlot entry a cattle spent most of their life grazing on rangelands or pastures.
  • Once they attain an ideal weight of over 300 kg i.e. almost a year old for the next 6 to 8 months they are transferred to a feedlot in order to gain weight before slaughtering.

Typically in a feedlot, the diet of a cow is composed of 60, 31, 5 and 2 percent of roughage, grain, supplements (minerals and vitamins) and premix respectively. Due to some unexpected illnesses and environmental stressors, it is required to occasionally give antibiotics to the cattle.

  • The diet in a feedlot is high in protein. This is simply to facilitate the growth of muscle mass as well as fat deposition in the cattle.
  • An animal will gain an additional weight of around 200 kg when it is introduced for a period of 200 days in a feedlot.

This feedlot is assimilated with several benefits. This includes:   

  • Eventual line of cattle feeding and raising
  • Inclusion of significant value portion
  • Addition of more muscular fat in cattle in the shortest possible time
  • An animal will gain much muscle and body fat in a period of 120 days
  • In fine, feedlot operation is the most efficacious component of cattle farming.

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