Fire Brigades

Fire Brigades are the organizations offering emergency firefighting and rescue services in a specific area. The organization may include one or more fire stations and staffed by the volunteer firefighters, career firefighters or a combination of both. The main duties of the organization are to offer protection, education, and safety to the public. 
In order to prepare the firefighters, a special training is given along with complete information about their duties. These skilled firefighters perform operations to successfully save the public from the harm.  Generally, the jurisdiction of a fire brigade is organized by a government body.
Fire Brigades
Factors user must know before approaching the Fire Brigades: 
  • Firefighter’s job: The job of the firefighter is very dangerous and complex because they have to put their lives on fire. During operations, walls can topple or floors can cave making it a dangerous job. They can even come in a contact with the hazardous material or poisonous gases.
  • Teamwork: The operations of the fire brigades involve lots of organization and teamwork. The firefighters need to live at the fire stations much of the time.
  • Dress: Firefighters wear a fire resistant trousers, a fire resistant jacket, a special hood, safety boots, insulated gloves, goggles and a T-shirt with their station name on it. Together, all these gears weigh around 27 Kg.
  • Tough Training: The firefighters go through a tough training where they get to know everything about the fires and how to put one out.
Benefits about Fire Brigade to the user:
  • Fire Protection: Fire Brigades protect the people and their property from the fire. They rescue people got trapped in the places caught fire. They search for the source of fire, victims, and ways to save them.
  • Emergency Conditions: The firefighters save the people from many emergency situations such as automobile accidents, non-life-threatening medical calls, brush fires, structure fires and other hazardous conditions. 
  • Emergency Medical Treatment: Nowadays, the firefighters even perform the paramedic duties. They access the victim’s condition by checking respiration, pulse, consciousness, bleeding and other severe injuries. They use emergency medical techniques to treat the victims at the site.

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