Fishing Tackle and Accessories

A fishing tackle is an equipment used by fishermen for the purpose of fishing. People have been using the term tackle from 1398 AD. Examples of fishing tackles are hooks, lines, rods, reels, baits, etc. Gear which is attached to the end of the fishing line is known as terminal tackle which includes swivels, sinkers, floats, snaps, etc. The various types of fishing tackles differ according to the various fishing techniques. A fishing tackle is also called a fishing gear.
Users must know before using Fishing Tackle
Fishing Tackle and Accessories
  • Hooks: A hook is a device for catching the fish by impaling it in the mouth or by snagging the body. There are various varieties of fish hooks for the purpose of particular fishes. Fish hooks have been used since centuries to catch fresh water and salt water fishes .
  • Snickers: A snicker is a weight used while angling to force the bait to sink more rapidly. A traditional snicker is usually made of lead since it can cause toxic to the bait. Snickers are found in many shapes.
  • Lines: Fishing lines are cords used for fishing. Earlier, fishing lines were made of leaves, horse hair or silk thread. Modern fishing lines are made from nylon, polythene and Dyneema. Crucial parameters of fishing lines are material weight and length.
  • Baits: There exist two types of baits, natural and artificial baits. Natural baits include earthworms, minnows, night crawlers and other insects. Artificial baits include man-made lures, plastic baits, and worms.
Benefits of Fishing Tackle and Accessories to the user
  • Can throw lighter lures farther: A fishing tackle can throw weightless baits and those of 1/8th ounce till the distance of 90 feet. The top fishermen in the world are using it for drop-shotting.
  • No issue of wind: A tackle can cast across the wind much more efficiently if the lures are on the light side.
  • Same for right handed and left handed users: It doesn’t matter whether you’re right or left-handed as the reel handle is on both the sides. The user can use according to his or her convenience. 
  • Adjustable drag: One of the main advantages is that you can adjust your drag while in a fight with the bait.

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