Floor and Flooring General Coverings

Floor covering refers to any material spread over a floor structure to provide a walking surface. It is the fastest and the most economical way to cover floors as it is relatively way cheaper than other options and takes less time to be installed. The floor covering is related to loose-laid materials. The floor coverings are used in halls and at homes for decorative purpose as well.
Users must know the types of Floor cover
  • Carpet: A carpet consists of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing where the pile is traditionally made of wool. Carpets are used for various purposes like making the room comfortable, safeguarding our feet from cold tile, reducing sound from walking, etc.
Floor and Flooring General Coverings
  • Linoleum: Linoleum also known as lino is made from materials such as linseed oil, ground cork dust, wood flour, pine rosin, etc. It is made up of organic materials and is absolutely non-allergic in nature. Linoleum is used in places like hospitals and health care centres.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl floor covers are easily available and highly convenient to install. It is also considered as a highly resilient cover. Vinyl offers various choices in colours and floor covering patterns. Vinyl flooring ensures warmer and more comfortable floors.
  • Cork lino: This is strong, hardwearing and extremely pleasing in appearance. It can be fitted anywhere. It does not change pattern even when it’s worn out.
Benefits of Floor coverings to the user
  • Saves time: This is the fastest way to cover floors which require minimum efforts and workforce.
  • Relatively cheaper: This method is relatively cheaper than the rest of the flooring methods as this involves no machines or skills.
  • Easy to clean and attractive: Floor coverings are attractive as they come in various types, patterns, and colours. These coverings are easy to clean; they do not require high maintenance.
  • Ensures comfort: These are extremely comfortable and provide relaxed sensations to our feet and keep them warm.
  • No harm to the environment: These do not harm the environment in any way as neither any kind of machines are used nor any property is damaged in the process of installation and even maintenance.

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