Floor and Flooring Timber

Timber flooring can be defined as the wood flooring manufactured from the timber. These types of flooring bring aesthetics, durability, and warmth to the home and its demand has increased over the years. If you are using quality timber products, it will last a lifetime without trapping dirt and dust. There are more than 20 common species of the timber, each one having its own distinctive coloring. Over the years, this type of wood flooring has become a common choice due to its restorability and environmental profile. 
Factors user must know before approaching Floor & Flooring – Timber:
Floor and Flooring Timber
  • Warranties: While shopping floor & flooring- timber, you should understand the importance of warranties. You should always keep a copy of the warranty terms and conditions and be aware of what things are included in the warranty. 
  • Reputation of the company: You need to collect some information about the company’s background from whom you are buying timber floors. Look for their testimonial and how long they have been in this business. Select an organization who has been selling timber floors from a number of years.
  • Scratch resistance on the coated surface: While selecting timber wood floor, it is very important to know the number of coats and its quality. The main thing is to look for the highly scratch resistant coatings. If the coating resists to the fine scratches, then it is a great sign of the coating quality.
Benefits of floor & flooring – timber to the user: 
  • Increasing the end value of your property: Timber floors have the tendency to retain their character, even after decades, whereas the other type of floors worn out just after some years. It will increase the property’s end value for sure. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain: The biggest advantage of the timber flooring is its ease of cleanliness and maintenance on the daily basis.
  • Long lasting flooring: The timber floors have the longest life out of all other types of flooring. In addition to this, it is also water resistant and it adds the charm to your house.

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