Floor Mats and Mat Hire Service

A floor mat is a generic term for a piece of fabric material generally placed on the floor or other flat surfaces which serve a range of purposes. The most commonly used floor mat types are anti-fatigue floor mats, wet floor mats, carpet floor mats, industrial floor mats, specialty and entrance floor mats. The modern day innovation in mats is all weather mats which are made for all kinds of weathers and seasons. Since floor mats are a part of the modern living, the hiring services of such mats have also improved. A lot of businesses provide rentals and maintenance to a large number of corporate giants.
Users must know before using Floor Mat
Floor Mats and Mat Hire Service
  • Anti-fatigue floor mat: This mat is originally designed for the places involving high workload to help the employees in releasing stress. This mat minimizes the risk of antibacterial material and microbes. It also ensures grip and minimizes injury in any case.
  • Wet area mat: This mat is also known as anti slippery mat as it prevents its users from slipping. This mat is used in frictionless areas where workers tend to lose balance. 
  • Dust control mat: Some areas in workplaces are extremely dirty due to high foot traffic. This kind of mat is basically utilized to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. This mat is highly absorbent which catches 90% of the dust.
  • Personalized mat: This mat is also a way of communication and is used by a variety of users.
  • Entrance floor mat: This kind of mat is specifically used for the entrances. Entrances define a lot about what resides inside. For those who like to customize entrances, this mat can come in handy.
Benefits of Floor Mats to the users
  • Enhanced safety: Floor mats minimize the potential for danger in a lot of ways. They keep the floor moisture free which avoids slipping and also act as a protective layer against the hard floor.
  • Dirt control: Particular floor mats have a major role in sanitizing sensitive areas in hospitals and laboratories. They contain anti-microbial technology which eradicates germs and bacteria to finally avoid contamination
  • Branding: Commercial floor matting is highly utilized in today’s world to communicate messages to visitors. These mats act as brands.

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