Food Safety Auditing

Most of us will wonder when you have come across this term. Food safety auditing or food inspection is done to test how much food or the beverages is safe for consumption. The person who performs these tests and procedures in the food are referred as food inspector or food auditor. In day today's world, it is one of the growing industry.
Factors users must know before approaching the food safety auditing:
Food Safety Auditing
  • Food processing and analysis: The user must have the basic knowledge in the food processing and analysis. He/she should know how to handle the tools and equipment.
  • The audits between the first party, second party and third party: The user should know the difference between the first and the third party auditing. In simple, he should be able to do a self-assessment of proprietary auditing and an independent auditing.
  • Five plans in food audit: Planning, calculation, correction, verification and evaluation are the main and important steps in a food safety auditing.
  • Tolerance at work: A food inspector should have the basic tolerance and patience in performing a food processing procedure even on meat or any other animals and birds. 
  • Precautions and prevention: Before performing a food inspection, proper safety, and precautionary measures should be taken by the food inspector. There may be involvement of food poisoning and food adulteration which should be treated seriously.
Benefits about food safety auditing to the users:
  • Food contamination and poisoning will be avoided: when a food is found to be contaminated or poisoned in a food inspection the whole industry or the sector will be closed and sealed. Thereby effectually promotes the food safety maintenance in other areas.
  • Food adulteration will be prohibited: A food safety auditing can help the user to identify what kind of adulteration have been performed in the food and how does the illness due to it can be prevented.
  • Risk factors will be decreased: By identifying and resolving the issues in the food safety , the risk of foodborne diseases affecting the people will be avoided. Thereby helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle among the people.
  • Quality and safety will be improved:  As with the development in food processing and analysis increases the quality and safety of the food will be increased. Which will eventually lead to the low death rate and high-quality healthy living.

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