Rearing cattle is of hard work for Graziers but a rewarding experience. It has a fair little bit of understanding in nutritional, physiological, reproductive and metabolic facts of these domestic animals. There are numerous ways that you'll find on how to rear cattle as good Graziers do.
What You Need certainly to Know
● Cows are herbivores, which mean they eat almost any plant harvested and given to them. This can be in the form of or based on grasses, forbs, and legumes. These plants are provided as hay, silage or crops, or as pasture. Most cows are discrete to feed on pasture all through the spring and fall seasons, and fed hay and silage throughout the winter months. Some places are very gentle enough to allow cows to feed on pastures all year round.
  • Physiological needs of cows influence their natural demands.  Growing cattle need less protein as they age; the small, only weaned calves have a protein necessity of about 16%, whereas yearling cattle have a protein necessity of about 12%. By the time they reach feedlot period, they have a protein necessity ranging about 8 to 10%. The minimum protein requirement for many cattle is 8%.
Things To Remember Before You Start Your Cattle Business
  • Just like other Graziers, you ought to have a good understanding before you start your farm. You need to know the various breeds and the merchandise which can be created by various cow breeds. You should also think about if you want to have dairy cows or beef cattle. Purchasing an excellent set of cows can help you have quality cattle in the future.
  • Still another thing to consider is the location of your farm. The location must have good pasture which means that your cattle can have a simple way of getting food every day. It's also wise to check if building a farm in that place would work in the neighborhood. Think of having a farm far from residential neighborhoods so that you won't get any problems from your neighbors. Your farm also needs to be big enough that your cows may graze freely.
  • You must maintain the fitness of your cattle to ensure that you have better returns. Your farm and cattle should be clean everyday to avoid various diseases. Quality examinations may also help you to keep healthy cows on your farm.

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