Health and Medical

The health and medical terms usually go hand in hand with almost the same meaning but they don’t.  Health care is a broad perspective and it includes all aspects of clinical work to patients like the rehabilitation and imaging process that is usually done once the patients comes in for a surgery and when the injury gets worse. 
These are just preventive measures just to assist people to be healthy in their long run of life. The medical care refers to direct physical treatment physiotherapists with the patients where they are directly treated by the licensed and practiced doctors and nurses where they have to perform some specific functions.
Health and Medical
Some health care situations in countries that must be countered and followed:
  • Many health care services in different countries are usually dominated by the private sectors who usually take a stake hold of the counties services by more than three quarter of the services to people.
  • Due to increasing population depletion all of a sudden and the more and more accidents and operations to people with sickness , people have started taking up the health insurance policies and it is slowing increasing multifold with lots and lots of people taking it up and expected to increase in the next  years.
  • One positive news regarding health care is that the people are aware of one terrible disease that has taken a toll on many countries “POLIO” and India in another one year will be a polio free country.
  • But one set back is that many urban cities are not able to cooperate with the changing environment that they are too prone to diseases like cardiovascular and respiratory and also different cancer reports are being submitted.
  • The common disease that’s active among the rural and urban is the cardio vascular disease that is taking a toll on people’s life.
The medical center has a lot to offer for the people as any medical emergency the practisoners are ready to help the needy during crisis since they are also well trained and are always ready to help people in terms of emergency. 

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