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A home looks at its best when you find it green and lush around your house. It is important to have that green looking surrounding to keep yourself clean and healthy and also gives a different feel to your house. The make things better people have now started following the green revolution (i.e) recycled glass tops, insulating wall systems and non-toxic interior paints  also play an important role in play for your next home. Nowadays every new house design begins with a green design because it’s important to go green with all green features giving you adequate naturally looking lights and beautiful ventilation. They are environmentally conscious products and materials. A modest and a small footprint to the start of the foundation form the fundamental hint of your house.

Home and Garden
To go green there are few criteria followed. They are:
  • A good evaluated engineering technique has to be followed to identify your greenhouse. This means you have to play your exterior with simple construction methods with few edges and corners and working with few construction materials that can reduce your expense cutting down the labor cost, material cost and spending more on your desired products. 
  • Opting for small piece of land or home which uses less of everything like heat and same time the coolness increases. It is also easy to build and maintain.
  • The working space in and around your house must be flexible and hard so as to work for some more time.
  • The solar setup of your house is really important as the natural light that Trans passes your house must be left in abundant either through a large wall or through a ceiling that allows light to pass through. Similarly roof hangings can provide you a source of energy.
  • You can also plan it in this way when you try collecting photographs of green homes and actually trying to reciprocate them naturally by building houses of that model and helping it changes according to your wish by using more natural products than going for hard products and building expensive ones that can save a penny for you.

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