Manufacturing and Industrial

The two most important processes in the recent times have been the industrial process and the manufacturing and is one of the strong back-bone for the economic development of a country.  Manufacturing deals with production of merchandise products which are to be sold or used up using either machines or labor and that goes through a series of process like the chemical and biological process before getting into a product. Manufacturing may also refer to human way of handcrafts to high tech development but manufacturing is generally applied to industrial production where the raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a larger scale. The manufacturing plays a vital role in developing huge and bulk products that are used in more complex products such as aircrafts body parts , house hold products and appliances and also the two wheeler parts are manufactured. They also manufacture them and sell them as wholesale parts that are in turn sold as products in the outside market to customers and retailers.

Manufacturing and Industrial
There are 5 types of manufacturing process namely
  • Repetitive
  • Discrete 
  • Job Shop
  • Processing(batch)
  • Processing(continuous)
The repetitive process is the best dedicated measure among those 5 that turns out the same item or a closely related product all day long. The repetitive process usually meets the speed of the customers need and the demand is perfectly delivered.
The manufacturing system is highly widespread and is a diverse form which covers large area of working with few setups about and frequent changeovers that makes it feasible. The products delivered here are also different and new or may produce the same goods.
The other three process are the steps and measures one take after the product is released into the market.
Industrial can be termed as goods and services for an economic development. The industrial development of a country can be classified into Large scale Industries, Small scale industries and Consumer goods industries with large scale producing goods for large production and body parts, small scale products goods for local household products and finally consumer goods are produced household to meet the daily household products of labour and wages.

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