Mining and Agriculture

Mining is a process of extracting metal ores or crude fossil fuels like coal, from the crust layer of the earth. It involves locating potential underground stores of the mineral and then digging, extracting and shipping. Sometimes, refineries are set up next to mine fields to process the ores and make them use – ready.
Agriculture is the practice of growing and harvesting crops that fulfill the basic need of the human race – food. It involves sowing, growing and harvesting. Agriculture was the basis of human civilizations’ inception. Early men started forming settlements around the rivers and that would be where it all started. Even today, agriculture is the basis of the survival of the human race. The very basic thing we need is agriculture.
Mining and Agriculture
Facts about mining:
  • The first metals discovered by humans were gold and copper. This was close to 5000 BC.
  • Petroleum, that is made by the processing of mined out crude oil, is used to manufacture over six thousand items, which include footballs, ink, dentures and deodorant etc.
  • ‘The luck of the Irish’ is an old mining expression, the origin of which can be traced back to the gold and silver rush of the second half of the nineteenth century.
  • Of all the gold that is mined throughout the globe, 63% of it is used in jewelry, 21% in making coins, 15% in industrial manufacturing chain and the remaining one percent in dental.
  • Zinc is a hundred percent recyclable.
  • The largest ever diamond to be mined out was The Cullinan, weighing almost 3106.75 carat.
Facts about agriculture:
  • As of today, farmers from all over the world produce 626% more food with 2% fewer inputs, as compared to 1950.
  • Farmers plant tall, dense trees on the edges of their fields to provide a windbreak and thus, evade soil erosion and storm damage.
  • Bees add almost $15 billion to the crop worth every year through pollination.
  • For every dollar spent on food, farmers get less than 12 cents for raw materials.

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