Patternmaker Engineers

Pattern - makers engineers are generally engineers who work on designing, constructing and drawing the metallic materials. They construct patterns for the manufacturing castings that have wide range of products like machinery, surgical instruments and other complicated tools. Pattern - maker engineers make moulds and patterns of full size using materials of metals or other form. They make markings and then cut the sectional form to profiles. Their work is based on manufacturing, recreational services fields, arts, forestry, fishing, etc. They enjoy their work and make it even more creative.

Patternmaker Engineers

Services and work of pattern-maker engineers includes as follows:

  • Pattern – makers study drawings and specifications for determination of the dimensions. The tolerance of the objects also studied in detail for the manufacturing models to be constructed.
  • The measurements and markings are taken in metallic sheets and castings using gauges.
  • For wooden sheets, pattern - makers shape using the machine tools and instruments.
  • Using the fine precision instruments for measuring, accuracy level of the manufactured patterns is checked for the tolerance.
  • The engineers assembles patterns and shapes of work pieces to specified finish and repairs broken and damaged patterns and correct patterns to compensate defects in casting.
  • The materials to be shaped are poured and spread over the moulds and castings models by the engineers. They build laminations of fiber glass cloth and plastic resin to fabricate the shapes and patterns.
  • They work in hot and noisy places in their workshops with contribution to their work. Sometimes there are fumes in the production areas.
  • Skills needed for the pattern maker engineers are good technical abilities, good strength and work in noisy conditions and coordination.

Benefits of Engineers- Pattern – makers:

  • Pattern makers make relatively good remuneration and benefitting engineers.
  • They are skilled and have to dexterity to work with artistic techniques.
  • Due to the work nature of pattern-maker engineers, safety awareness and its compliance is done for the working areas.
  • They have the knowledge of regulation and follow it as they are safety conscious workers..
  • Pattern-makers usually work closely with other trades people and apprentices.

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