Petroleum Engines

Petrol engines are the common and most used source of power for the motor vehicles. A petrol engine is a part of machinery made of around 150 parts of moving machines. Engineers who work on the petrol engine is referred to as petroleum engineer. Petrol engines are the reciprocating form of engines where piston movement is done in up and down direction of cylinders. The ignition is done by introducing petrol and air in the space above the piston. The gases are produced thereby forcing the pistons to move downwards as power is generated. The pistons are rotated to produce the motion at crankshaft movements where heavy flywheel is attached at the end. Form the flywheel, the power generated is transferred to the driving wheels of the car.

Petroleum Engines

Work of the Engines- Petroleum:

  • The spark plug is a part of of the petroleum engine. It is responsible for supplying spark to the engines required for the ignition of the air and fuel mixture.
  • The valves allow the fuel along with air to the chamber of combustion and expel the exhaust gases.
  • Pistons are important part of engine which is cylindrical in shape and made of metallic substance located inside the cylinder. The piston rings are surrounded to prevent the fuel mixture from leaking into the sump during the combustion phase.
  • The connecting rod and crankshaft are connected to pistons internally and rotation occurs at the end of the rod. The angle of connecting rod changes as the piston moves and the crankshaft rotates. Crankshaft turns the pistons up and down motion into circular motion.
  • The parts of the engine are divided according to the systems like fuel system, water cooling system, ignition system and lubrication system.
  • In lubrication system heat is removed and it mainly keeps the moving parts of the petroleum engines coated with oil.

Benefits of petrol engines:

  • The petrol engines are cost effective and give better performance.
  • In petrol engines, the fuel and air is mixed readily and therefore helps in providing better efficiency.
  • It helps in running the machine faster and gets better results.

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