Sporting and Fitness

Sporting and Fitness (S&F) is a way of life. Enhance your healthy lifestyle by engaging in sport, fitness, and recreational opportunities.
S&F service professionals help with a range of services to suit all your health, fitness and sporting needs. They are keen to help you reach your own personal fitness goals, but your health is of the utmost importance. It is the umbrella body that delivers sport and fitness opportunities.
S&F continually striving to make best sport and fitness centre to the enthusiast learners and take pride in the investment.  It is continuing to make facilities to enable sports clubs to develop. It is hugely encouraging when sports and fitness students share their aspirations and ambitions, and are delighted to be helping them achieve their goals by providing a dedicated coach and greater access to facilities.
Sporting and Fitness
Participants range from complete beginners to international athletes, S&F services has something for everyone. From fantastic competition, expert strength and conditioning coaching, an excellent hall sport programme and several amazing international sports volunteering opportunities S&F services at all levels is buzzing. 
There are plenty of ways to become involved. Come visit us, be part of the best, join sport and fitness family and realize your potential!
Sporting and Fitness Services Offerings
  • Personal training
  • Fitness consultant 
  • Personal exercise plans
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Health programs
  • Sport and recreational programs for children
  • Sports facilities
  • Group exercise programs
  • Consultation
  • Healthy diet plans
  • Sports lessons and many more
How to Choose the Right S&F Service
Congratulations! You’ve decided to build physical activity into your daily life. To enjoy your favourite sports, exercises, outdoor and indoor activities, you need to have the right kind of equipment. Firstly, see your doctor for a medical check-up before embarking on any new physical activity program. 
Key points to consider include:
  1. Is the fitness centre, gym or outdoor service provider a well-established business?
  2. Is the location easy for you?
  3. Is it reliable and economical?
  4. Are the staff members friendly and helpful?
  5. Is there a good selection of the type of equipment you want to use?
  6. Is the business extremely busy at the time of day when you want to attend?
  7. Is the equipment clean and well maintained?
  8. Does the business have lockers for your valuables?
  9. Is there plenty of parking or public transport?
  10. Do they carry out pre-exercise screening to assess your needs?
  11. Does the business seek feedback from its consumers on the quality and safety of its services?
  12. Ask a lot of questions so that you will have accurate information. 
Benefits of Sporting and Fitness Service 
  • A good quality sport, health or fitness service centre provides a safe environment for exercise and is supervised by trained personnel. 
  • It will allow you to use specialist exercise equipment and offer the kinds of activities you like and that meet your personal fitness goals.
  • Sports and fitness build self-esteem and positive self-image - foundations to personal quality of life.
  • Weight loss, muscle strengthening and definition, stronger bones, a lower heart rate, better mood and an improved complexion.
  • Making an informed decision can help you choose a facility or program that fits your needs and will support your efforts to achieve long-term health benefits.
  • Families that exercise together - stay together. Children and youth remain connected; couples that share leisure sports are more likely to stay together.

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