Review Guidelines

Reviews will help to build trust on your business if they are positive and adversely affects business in it is a negative review. In many cases users read review before make a purchasing decision. So write reviews for the general public to see, so please think carefully before you submit a review. We have wide list of FAQ's on reviews and ratings can be found here.

Review guidelines:

We want to provide a peaceful experience for people who come in at DizyLocal AU. So we follow the below review guidelines,

Fake reviews, biased reviews

Review about your own business

Reviews written on a competitor’s listing

Review from a family member or friend

Reviews procured in exchange for payment

In any of the above mode review are generated, we will not approve and action may be taken on such user.

Content guidelines:

We do follow many policies and guidelines on content added to business profiles in the form of reviews. To protect both business owners and customers adding/posting inappropriate content, we verify below points.

Harmful words

Abusive language

Hate speech or harassing



Vulgar or sexually explicit content

Defamatory comments

Personal information’s

Private or secured information

Copyright content

Advertising other websites/links

Dispute between customers

This is not the complete list of points we follow. We may accept or reject any content without notification if found to be inappropriate. To know more about our policies read our terms and conditions. Business owners can read about how to respond to negative reviews on our FAQ section.

Report a review:

All reviews should follow above guidelines before they submit a review. Alternatively all reviews will go through review process before they are published. After all the check points, if you found a review is inappropriate, you can report the same by choosing 'Report' option shown below reviews. Our support team will review and update you within 48 hours. You will be notified to your email address.